General Questions:

Q. Is it an auction tool or negotiation tool?

A. It is a price negotiation tool, negotiation done here is neither binding nor final and parties can     further negotiate through any means.
    Note: For local laws consult an attorney?

Q. Are offers made here legally binding contract?

A. NO, Seller or Buyer can walkway anytime.
    Note: For local laws consult an attorney?

Q. How long the negotiation process remains open?

A. Seller can stop the process anytime before or after the property is sold or it remains open as     long as the listing is online.

Q. Is the process anonymous between seller and buyers?

A. No. The buyer visits the property for sale and makes an offer.

Q. Can a buyer see his competitor’s offers?

A. No, only seller can see. Buyers can't see other buyer's offers. Buyers cannot know how many     buyers are negotiating.

Q.How can seller or buyer stop negotiation process?

A. Seller can stop it by clicking on “Stop Negotiation” button in his negotiation page, buyer can     cancel his offer.

Q. Do you provide help for signing the Real Estate Purchase Agreement?

A. No, this tool only helps in price negotiation. Seller and buyer have to find legal help for             documentation.

Technical Questions:

Q. System availability?

A. Open 24/7, Ability to negotiate anytime & anywhere in the world online or on phone.
    System is hosted on world class Azure: Microsoft's Cloud Platform.

Q. Is system secure?

A. Yes. The system is hosted in a secure environment. Industry Standard SSL Technology is used     for encryption of information.

Q. How to use it properly?

A. Please enable cookies and JavaScript on your computer to use the system.Also disable pop-up     blocker.

Q. Privacy, Terms and conditions. What do you do with my information?

A. The system deletes stored information periodically. We do not sell or use your information for     any commercial purposes.

Q . I have a question or suggestion?

A. Contact us